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(1)Old king han-Nuerharch-was named little Hanzi in his childhood, He was a servant of Genral. Chenliang Li of Ming Dynasty. Little Hanzi was clever and kind Mrs Li liked him very much.


(2) General found that there were seven marks under Hanzi feet. Seven marks were reganded the indication of seizing county of ming Dynasty so General Li wants to get to kill little Hanzi. Mrs Li saved little Hanzi but she herself was killed by Genral Li.


(3) Little Hanzi escaped out. But where as he went, there soldies were looking for him. He went to mount ChanBai at last.


(4) He was lost in mount ChangBai being hungery and tired. He was almost faint. He decling down beside a big tree.


(5) When little Hanzi was still in faint Suddenly he heard that some one was calling him “little Hanzi,Little Hanzi......” He felt very strange. "Who was calling my name in such distant."


(6)Little Hanzi saw a old man with white moustache,whose face was sending as white as snow and lied down.


(7) The old man told him:"Go to east hard climb over three mountains pass through three river,Go through three piece of forest there will be a plate of General the people who can stand on the plate will get the treasure.


(8) Little Hanzi was very glad . went down on his knees and knocked his head on the ground:" Thanks for your indicate" But when he looked up old man , he was already disapeared.


(9) Little Hanzi wanted to look for the old man so he shouted out, then he woke up, He was just in the dream. But he believed this is the way showed old fairy.


(10) Little Hanzi found some wild fruits and vegetables to eat , and go away. told by the old man walked to eastward.


(11) On his way,He met eight people who were looking for Gin Seng and become brothers of different the last names.


(12) Nine brothers climbed over three mountains,they weren't afraid.


(13) They passed through three rivers which water was wide violent and cold. they weren't afraid.


(14) They went through three pieces of forest. which were very unaired, the brands of trees scratched their faces arms and legs,they weren't afraid.


(15) A very high rock was in their way, they overcomed. lots of difficulties,climbed up at last.that took them time for the whole day.


(16) They looked round on the rock and saw a large plate. There was red light form away.


(17) When they were jumped up to celebrate, suddenly a violent wind blew. after the wind there came a big tiger with bloody mouth from the mountain and run to them.


(18) (minimum age the brother)Old brother gathers all around little Hanzi the youngest on in them and protected him from tiger's harminess,Brother all would fight with the tiger.


(19) Little Hanzi said :" You all have wives and childen,But I am alone let me fight with it." But others didn't agree with him.


(20) The tiger shouted more violently later,Brothers got an idea throw their hats to tiger then whose hat was cached by tiger,who would fight with the tiger.


(21) Brother Tong threw his to the tiger at first,Then Brother Gvan,Brother Ma,Brother Shuo,Brother Qi,Brother Fu and brother Long,But their hats were hitted away by the tiger in different ways.


(22) It's turn to Little Hanzi, the hat fell in to the tiger mouth all brother were very curious,opening their eyes up.But they determined to help little Hanzi.


(23) Little Hanzi went down and knocked his head on the ground to his old brothers then he standed up and said:" take care of yourselves!" then run to the tiger with a stick


(24) The tiger knodded to little Hanzi turned back to mountains,little Hanzi run after it.Eight brothers followed him tightly.


(25) The tiger stipped at the place that was sending out red light. Little Hanzi had a look and found so many Ginseng. All were treasures.


(26) Wonderful, suddenly the tiger disappears. Eight brother came there then saw so many Ginseng and shout out "bangchui" They round the red ropes on Ginseng


(27) With the favor of fairy . They began dig Ginseng and let little Hanzi to have a rest. Little Hanzi sold these Ginsen and earned a lots of money. With those money, He collected food and army.


(28) Step by step, Little Hanzi seized the country and became Old King Han. He hadn't forgotten the old fairy, he designed mind to pray to mountain Fairg's Miao and repair a tomb for old Batou.

(29) 老罕王在長白山裏蓋了廟後,在裏面又塑了泥像,叫山神廟,那尊像就是山神爺。

(29) After building Miao of mountain fairy in mountain ChangBai old king Han build a mud status again . The Miao was called "Shan Shen Miao" the status was called "Shan Shen Yei" named Sunliang.


(30) The story of little Hanzi dig Ginseng spreaded down generation by generation till now. So now the people dig Ginseng with stick. Throw hats to the tiger they meet.The man who find Ginseng won't dig by himself. His follows will did Ginseng.